Tim McCullough graduated with a Health and Physical Education Teaching Degree from Springfield College in 1987.  Springfield College is considered one of the top schools in the country in this area of education and produces some of the finest Teachers and Coaches in the United States.

Tim taught Health and Adapted Physical Education at Lakeland Regional Hiigh School in New Jersey,  where he developed his skills in teaching Physical tasks to people with cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities.  Tim learned how to carefully progress people of all learning abilities in physical skill acquisition.    He honed his teaching techniques, using verbal cueing, visual and tactile inputs, and other specific methods he was taught at Springfield.

In Physical Therapy School Tim worked in the Student Health Center at Old Dominion University as a Health Educator.  At his first two positions as a Physical Therapist he helped teach Courses with both Carole Lewis PhD (Geriatric Specialist) and Peter Boyle (Manip Therapist), two highly respected Professionals in their specialty.

Tim has done many Educational out reach programs in the community including Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Basketball Injury Prevention presentations, Running clinics, and inservices on Low Back Pain, Headache and Jaw pain.  He has also done guest lectures at Colby Sawyer's Athletic Training Program.

Tim is an avid reader of the latest research, attends advanced courses and conferences, and enjoys teaching and learning from other Therapists. It is our responsibility to stay up on recent advances in our field. Tim has studied under Peter O'Sullivan PhD, who is a leading researcher in the area of chronic low back pain.  His research in Cognitive Functional Therapy is showing encouraging results in the treatment of chronic spinal conditions.  The changes in healthcare make it even more important that clinicians teach clients effectively to allow them to manage their condition and implement their treatment plan more independently reducing the number of visits necessary to achieve successful outcomes.

Teaching is the most important part of being a Physical Therapist.  This skill is what allows a person to  learn to help heal themselves.