Spine Care

Most acute spinal pain injuries are simple tissue injuries that calm and heal pretty much on their own . 

Some disorders of the spine do not settle within expected healing time and there are many factors that may contribute to one's pain experience.

  • Structural injury or pathology (only in 10% of cases).  A disc injury would be an example.
  •  Issues in your daily life such as lack of sleep, decreased activity and stress, home and work environmental factors
  • Poor control with posture and the way you control your spine with daily activities
  • Nervous system changes that result in lowering your pain tolerance - meaning that things that wouldn't normally hurt you do cause pain now!
  • Poor conditioning, strength and endurance of different muscle groups
  • Psychological factors such as excessive attention on pain, fear of movement, anxiety, negative beliefs regarding your pain and mood changes
  • Genetic factors - these can actually be influenced by what we do throughout our lives.

The combination of these issues are different for every patient who presents with pain. At SMART Physical Therapy we are focused at looking at the YOUR whole story and trying to find the underlying cause of your pain rather than treating symptoms.
 We will develop treatment and management approaches for improving your function and managing your pain .
  The emphasis will be on teaching you to care for yourself and be in control of your own health.

 Why SMART Physical Therapy for your Low Back Pain?

1.  At SMART PT you will receive care from an experienced Physical Therapist who has trained under some of the worlds leading clinicians in this area and is trained in the latest approaches such as Peter O'Sullivan's Cognitive Functional Therapy.  Tim has had the opportunity that only a few have had in this country, being trained by one of the leading clinicians and researchers in Low Back Pain in the world today, Peter O'Sullivan of Curtain University.  Tim has witnessed Peter assessing and treating clients during these courses which significantly impacted his approach and success in treating spine patients.  Tim has been to the last two Interdisciplinary World Congresses on Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain, in Barcelona in 2007 and in Los Angeles in 2010.  He attended presentations on  the latest research and clinical approaches to treating Low Back Pain from the worlds experts and had opportunities to speak and form relationships with these experts. 

2.  You will be treated by a Physical Therapist every visit (No PT assistants)

An article in the September 2008 Physical Therapy Journal found that clinics that used  Physical Therapy Assistants less were:

  • 6.6 times more likely to be in the highly effective category
  • 6.7 times more likely to be in the low utilization category (takes less visits to succeed with patient).
  • 12.4 times more likely to be classifeied in the best performance group

3.  You will be treated by a Therapist with significant Manual Therapy skills and experience.  Tim McCullough has the ability to assess joint motion and treat with soft tissue work as well as perform joint mobilization and manipulation.  At Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy in Washington DC, Tim's patients were often people who had chronic Low Back Pain and had failed with other Physical Therapy or other medical approaches.  With the help of his mentor, Peter Boyle and other spine experts at the clinic, Tim developed advanced treatment skills in the treatment of Low Back and spine pain.            

At SMART Physical Therapy you will get SPINE CARE from a multifaceted approach that considers all the possible causes of your condition.